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Big Money Bouts - SmUsh - Season 16 Episode 3


Tournament completed!

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COVID-19 has left us without a venue or offline events, so for now let's take it to the streets of netplay.  We'll see how this goes.  Please read the rules carefully.


We will be using the Smash World Tour ruleset, for more info on that see here: https://smashworldtour.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/SWT-2020-Rulebook.pdf

Additional rules

-You must have a LAN adapter with a wired connection to participate, this is to ensure a stable connection between players.

-Southeast Texas and surrounding regions only.  

-Matches will be best of 3 until finals.  Winners, Losers and Grand finals will be 3/5.

-You may use any combination of costumes and special moves you choose for your Mii Fighters, but you must disclose to your opponent what moveset you will be using BEFORE the match starts.

-If the winning player chooses to switch characters between matches, they MUST inform their opponent which character they are using.


We will be using the Smash World Tour stage list.  You can find it in the link above, but for reference

Starter stages 


-Final Destination


-Town & City

-Pokemon Stadium 2

Counterpick stages

-Lylat Cruise

-Kalos Pokemon League

-Yoshi's Story

-Before the first match, both players will play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors through https://www.rpsgame.org/.  The winning player chooses a stage to ban from the starter list.  The losing player then chooses two stages from the list to ban, and the winning player selects what stage to play on from the remaining ones.  If both players can agree on a starter stage, they may opt not to play RPS.

-When a player wins a match, they choose two stages from the entire list to ban, and their opponent chooses what stage to play on from the remaining stages.

-If Battlefield or Final Destination is chosen, either player may request a Battlefield or Omega form for another stage if the other player consents.  However, this rule carries a few exceptions, the following stages may not be chosen even as a Battlefield or Omega form

Hanenbow (Stage has a glitchy z-axis)
Dream Land GB (Stage has a glitchy z-axis)
Mute City SNES (Stage has a glitchy z-axis)

Pac-Land (Stage has a glitchy z-axis)

Duck Hunt (Stage has a glitchy z-axis)

Flat Zone X (Stage has a glitchy z-axis)

Super Mario Maker (Stage has a glitchy z-axis)

Fountain of Dreams (Stage is known to cause framerate issues)

Gamer (Game camera is inconsistent from other stages)

Garreg Mach Monastery (Blast zones are smaller than usual)


-Matchmaking will be done through the Smush channel of the SETX Esports Discord.  If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're already there.

-Registration will be open until 8 PM, 30 minutes before the tournament starts.  

-When players are ready, they will both enter an arena together and play a 2/3 set using the above rules.  I will sit in the spectator stands and watch.  Anyone else who wishes to spectate the match is permitted to do so was well, provided they are within the region, have a LAN adapter with a wired connection and are not currently playing a match of their own.

-Depending on the number of players, we may need to run multiple arenas at once to progress the tournament smoothly.  In this case, I may ask another user(s) to spectate in those arenas to verify the match results.

-If you think you might be held up, please let me know in advance.  If a player takes too long to play their match, particularly if the opponent complains, I reserve the right to disqualify them.

If this goes well, we may be able to continue running these in the future.  Thank you for your support.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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