Big Money Brawlz - Project M - Season 6 Episode 8

  • 35 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Project M
  • March 24, 2017 at 7:30 PM CDT

Tournament completed!

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Casuals Start at 5:00 - Tournament starts at 7:30 SHARP.


We welcome players of all skill levels and would love to see some new faces. It's all about having fun, so come out and enjoy yourself. Even if you just wanna come spectate, there will be guaranteed to be some great matches to watch. Post-tournament we will have casual matches of games of all sorts, and we are more than willing to teach you how to play at a higher level.

The tournament will be double-elimination. We will play PM on wii and Sm4sh on Wii U.

If you have a setup for the game we are playing and would like to bring it let us know! We would greatly appreciate it, along with any power cables you could provide. Every setup you bring helps brackets go smoothly and gives us more time for casuals afterward.

You may bring casual setups for any fighting game you wish to play.

Good Luck. Have Fun. Get Hype. Stay Salty.



We located in the Chemistry Building at Lamar, room 100.

Campus Map: http://www.lamar.edu/_files/documents/campus-map/CampusMapwithBuildingNames1-2000.pdf

Directions: From the Highway, take MLK street. Pass up the Montagne Center on Your right. Take the East Lavaca Street to the left. Then park into Parking Lot C-3. Walk towards campus and pass up the Biology and Heath and Human Services Buildings, and we will be in the Chemistry Building. We will be in Room 100, the very last room on the right.



We will arrive at 5:00 pm to setup and hold warm-ups and casuals. Tournament starts at 7:30 SHARP so do not be late, you will not be able to participate. If you believe there is any chance you may be late, please pre-register so that you won't be instantly DQd.



There is online registration for anyone who may be late. If they are we will start without them.

Project M pre-registration: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/06v6gAag7g

Sm4sh pre-registration: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/FXNYAhxH1Q



Cost: Free!

We as a community do not have a source of income, though. Many of us have taken it upon ourselves to make direct contributions to the club. Many people choose to donate $5 per week to support the group so we can purchase logistical items like equipment and cops for larger our events.

Other players have started making "Poverty Box Money Matches" where when they money match other players, the loser donates to the box. This is a pretty hype way to raise money.



Rules are available on the statistic pages for each game: [WIP]



Project M: http://setxfgc.challonge.com/BigMoneyBrawlzPMS6E8

Sm4sh: http://setxfgc.challonge.com/BigMoneyBrawlzSm4shS6E8

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